In May 2017 the residents of New Islington Marina were issued with a letter from Manchester City Council advising them they would be required to leave the Marina by August 31 2017, in order to enable them to carry out work on the walkways and drainage systems around the Marina.

The residents had been aware for some time that repairs may need to be carried out as as a result of the substandard work carried out by the contractors appointed to build the original site. We had not been prepared for the news that we might not be able to return to our homes once the works had been completed.

According to the letter, the Marina will be transfered to a new private company following the eviction and residents would be entitled to re-apply for moorings once the new site is opened….but there are no guarantees.

This has caused significant distress to the residents, all of whom live, work and play in Manchester. There are few other options for living on a boat in Manchester, and certainly nowhere with space for 30 boats. What options are available either can’t accomodate wider boats, have no services or require us to travel significant distances to get to and from work. Although most would be willing to put up with a temporary inconvenience to ensure repairs can be done a permanant eviction means we face a stark choice: to give up our homes or leave Manchester entirely.

We have no idea why the proposed works mean the boats will need to leave. We haven’t been told why we can’t be guarenteed to return once the works are complete. To date the council, along with our local councillors, have refused to provide any more detailed information and have declined to respond to residents letters or phonecalls. We continue to call on the council to meet with us an negotiate a solution that ensures the marina can undergo much needed repairs without evicting the people who call this home.